Thông Tin EasyJTAG MTK Scatter Support + Hard FRP Update Ready!

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    EasyJTAG MTK Scatter Support + Hard FRP Update Ready!

    Z3X Easy JTAG v2.4 and EMMC Plus tools v1.0 is finally out!
    MTK Scatter + LG DZ TOT KDZ Direct eMMC Flasher + FRP Reset

    The season has just started, so something new and exciting is coming soon. Get ready!

    Long time ago we developed an excellent JTAG platform core and hardware.
    Our platform was so great and allow add an eMMC functionality by extending just software part.
    But time is going fast and our products need to be faster and powerfull than others !
    We decided to split tools to EasyJTAG Classic tool + new advanced eMMC Plus ToolBox.
    First of all we ready to present really All in all tool called eMMC Plus ToolBox for eMMC repair professionals.
    This software will replace plugin functionality for many brands. It’s really multi brand next level tool (wink)

    eMMC Plus ToolBox v1.0 ( eMMC Odin/Qualcomm direct and Android Explorer moved there )
    • MTK Scatter to eMMC Flasher/Reader from eMMC to Scatter ( you asked , we have done! )
    • LG DZ TOT KDZ Direct eMMC Flasher
    • Samsung Direct eMMC Flasher /Reader
    • Qualcomm Direct eMMC Flasher / Reader from eMMC to XML
    • Android ext2/3/4 FS Explorer - Extractor
    • Basic eMMC functions toolset like format reset , boot config and CID patch

    New functions of EasyJTAG Classic tool
    • Added universal FRP remove over eMMC connection ( its little tricky but free and universal for any phone with eMMC memory ! )
    • Added ADB Dumper GUI for fast and easy acquiring a recovery data
    • Fixed addresses bug in core and API
    • Fixed log flicker but temporary removed color formatting

    New models of phones supported :
    • FLY IQ4403 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • FLY IQ4404 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • LG E400 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • LG L22C (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • LG LS770 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • LG H845 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-B5330 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-I8258 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-I8200 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-I9228 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-P6200 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-S6802 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-S7500 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung GT-S7562 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-G360T1(Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-G530P (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-G531F (Read/Write/Dump/ ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-G531H (Read/Write/Dump/ ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-G900H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-G900J (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J100H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J105H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J320FN (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J320P (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J500H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-T337T (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-Z130H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-Z300H (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SHV-E120S (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SGH-T989 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • LG X135_L60I (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J200G (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J200H (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    • Samsung SM-J700 (ISP eMMC Pinout)

    This is only warm UP! More surprises on the way! Keep turned )

    B.R. Z3X Team
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    EasyJTAG Classic Software

    GUI and CORE changes:

    - Test GP HW partitions option without affecting OTP bit.
    - option bypass Samsung Check. ( hold Shift while running operations )
    - Universal eMMC Factory Format option. ( Force Erase via CMD42 ) *
    - Samsung FW Server processing.

    - Decreased eMMC identification time.
    - Connection stability with eMMC 5.0+. ( Toshiba 32G+ )
    - IO Level setup accuracy.
    - box security and added some crypto engine functions.

    - Bugs in internal partition engine.
    - Random crashes in main software and plugins.
    - fixed UAC logs and extcsd backups path. **

    EasyJTAG Plus Software

    30.11.2016 (ver

    - Bug with the smart card at the start of the program.
    - Bug when processing sparse image.
    - Bug with extract data from contacts2.db.
    - Writing for some MTK images.
    - Bug when opening MTK-partitions in the Explorer.

    - Reading tables from emmc on the Factory tab .
    (for writing partitions if you do not have a header file).
    - Support GP-partitions.
    - Option "Write all eMMC Regions at once".
    - Automatically sending crash reports.
    - Button "Sending crash report for the current log".
    - Notification in the system tray.
    - Adding ROM2 when reading from the image.
    - Automatic writing configuration for MTK after flashing.
    - Some GUI changes.

    01.12.2016 (ver
    - Bug with switching ROM.
    - Bug with access to GP-partitions.

    08.12.2016 (ver

    - Bugs that have been found through your crash report.

    Box firmware 1.56 available.

    Added Lot of devices (full support):

    - Support: Lenovo A1000F (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Lenovo A3000F (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: LG F460K (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: LG H790 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: LG D290N (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Motorola MOTO X (ISP Pinout, Dumps) ***
    - Support: Oppo T29 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung GT-I8262 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung GT-I9152 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung GT-I9192 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung GT-P5200 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SCH-J021 SCL21 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SGH-I257M (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SHV-E160S (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SHV-E370K (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SM-A300F (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SM-G800H (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SM-J320H (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SM-A500FU (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SM-G900T (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Samsung SM-T110 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: Huawei Ascend G526 L11 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: NOKIA Lumia 630 RM-978 (ISP Pinout, Dumps) ***
    - Support: Xiaomi TD-LTE 2014021 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
    - Support: ZTE Z828 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)

    Added Lot of devices (ISP support , please send us dumps):

    - Support: SONY C4 E5333 (ISP Pinout) ***
    - Support: SONY D5803 (ISP Pinout) ***
    - Support: Acer TALK S A1 724 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Alcatel OT-7043K POP2 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: HTC One M8 (M8Eh) 0P6B810 (ISP Pinout) ***
    - Support: LG L40 DUAL D170 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: NOKIA Lumia 640 XL RM-1067 (ISP Pinout) ***
    - Support: OPPO R811 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R827 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R829 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R1001 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R1201 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R2001 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R3001 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: OPPO R815 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Samsung SHV-E330K (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Samsung SHV-E330S (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Samsung SM-J100ML (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Samsung SM-N750 (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Samsung SM-N900K (ISP Pinout)
    - Support: Samsung GT-I8268 (ISP Pinout)

    * This is experimental function that vary on eMMC standard
    revision and vendor firmware version. For old card it format all data
    and wipe some locks and fuses. New cards will only erase user area.

    ** If software have admin rights logs and backups is
    stored in \Program Files\Z3X\EASYJTAG\. If software
    running in normal mode ( Windows 8 and newer) they
    will be in \ProgramData\Z3XAppsData\ folder.

    *** Some phones require a recalculation of security areas or
    write backups of original security areas. Try to always back-up
    eMMC data before overwriting it by provided dumps.

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    Z3X Easy-JTAG Update. Easy-JTAG eMMC Suite Update.

    Easy-JTAG eMMC Suite

    Software Core changes:


    - new 1.8 ISP IO Voltage Mode for Exynos ISP
    - PINOUT Upload to Server Dialog
    - On-fly Compress Reading eMMC ( GZIP/ZIP )
    - 1.58 Firmware ( new IO levels detection )
    - Open Logs Folder Context Menu
    - Colors are back in logVui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để nhìn thấy links
    - Bugfixes in eMMC core.

    New eMMC Devices added:

    - Acer S500 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Acer V370 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Agm Rock V5+ (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Alcatel OT-993D (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Amazon Kindle 3 D00901 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Amazon Kindle Fire D01400 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Assistant AP-777G (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Asus A400CG Zenfone 4 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Asus A500KL Zenfone 5 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Asus ME173X Memopad HD 7 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Asus ME302C (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Asus TF103C (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Asus TF700 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Bravis NP725 3G (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Cat S50 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Dell 3845 Venue 8 Pro (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Dell T01C Venue 7 WiFi (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Dexp NS210 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HTC Desire 510 OPCV200 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HTC Desire 820N (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HTC M8S mid C N (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - HTC One Max 803E 0P3P600 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Huawei W1-U00 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Lenovo A6010 (/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Lenovo K920 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG D295F (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG D337 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG D390N (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG H324 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG H410 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG H502F (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - LG H788 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Prestigio PMP7280C 3G Quad (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SGH-T999 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SHW-M200S (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SM-G357FZ (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SM-G361H (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SM-J200M (ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SM-J320A (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
    - Samsung SM-T310 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)

    JTAG Devices added:

    - Samsung GT-P6800 (Read/Write/Dump/JTAG Pinout)

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    Z3:@EASY-JTAG Update. Emmc File Manager V1.0 addon Released.

    Z3X Emmc File Manager V1.0 addon Released.

    About this update:

    - The project is written "from scratch"
    - The project is fully translated into C ++
    - A brand-new NATIVE engine-driver for accessing the EXT2 / 3/4 File System
    - All the functions of scanning partitions have been reworked.
    - The ability to open a separately read partition without markup
    - Partition manager in the form of a tree with information
    - Full-featured file manager with the ability to view information, multiple choice of files
    - Hot Links button for frequently accessing files (Contacts \ SMS \ Passwords, etc.)
    - The ability to save both individual files and folders
    - The ability to sort Files by Name \ Type \ Size \
    - Ability to change the style of displaying files / folders
    - Copying file / folder names to the clipboard
    - Ability to quickly view a single file
    - Reading section information
    - Address bar with manual address input support
    - Automatic folder structure buffering
    - Automatic read buffer, which maximizes file read speed
    - No hanging of the interface
    - Saving the entire partition to the BIN format
    - HiPower CLK Support
    - Support voltage EMMC 1.8 / 2.8 / 3.3 volts
    - Supports CLK bus frequency up to 21 MHz

    Check EmmcFilemanagerManagerAddon_v1.3.exe on support.

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